We are in this together!

Set up during the coronavirus pandemic to provide support to business owners & the self employed. We offer a listening ear to those running small and micro businesses and aim to support you in finding the help you need. Being MBA students & alumni we have an ear for business issues and can empathize with the uniquely difficult situations you face.
Below you can find a useful set of links we will continue to add to and update that guide you to available support
Through the COVID-19 crisis there is a plethora of support available to businesses & self employed. Some of this is linked in the list below, which we will continue to add to and update.
Situational Loans & Overdrafts

Our Volunteers

Ready to lend you an ear
Our volunteers are current and former MBA students from all parts of the globe, all walks of life and all sectors & sizes of business.
Amongst us we have decades of experience in the widest range of fields including healthcare, hospitality, finance, management, technology & manufacturing amongst many others. This experience includes starting and growing businesses, big & small, as well as running charities and other social enterprises. Our volunteers know that starting and running a business requires resilience at the best of times, it can also be lonely position which brings into ever sharper focus the additional stress and pressure caused by COVID-19, bringing as it does the turmoil of uncertainties on top of uncertainties.
Support is here & available.
If nothing else, our volunteers will listen to you and act as a confidential sounding board. Talking about problems is often a great step in the direction of finding solutions. Our volunteers are committed to help people in business get through COVID-19 in the most positive way possible. We are all in it together!
We are all in it together!
Please get in touch with us if you would like to sign up to help!

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