Blog – June 2020

Ear for Business helps you to widen not narrow your perspective

It is tempting in a period of crisis to cut services as a knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic but the government is doing everything it can to help businesses fight this instinct by encouraging flexible working to keep staff safe whilst meeting variable customer needs and furlough scheme to retain skilled workers on the books until services resume. 

Some businesses forecast a surge in demand when services resume with many people delaying holidays, parties, weddings and events or purchasing customer faced services for some months with a surge of employees requesting much needed holidays during July and August. 

Coming out of lockdown presents new challenges which our committed volunteers have experience across a wide range of business issues which have been directly impacted by Covid-19.  It can be daunting to be faced by so much enforced change. We will help you formulate a positive route through this difficult time with solutions such as remote working, furlough rotation for training and development, reduced hours negotiations, flexible shift working patterns, supply chain management, staff surveys and wellbeing advice to maximise services whilst maintaining safe working distancing.

In a fast pace, unpredictable situation where every business, supplier and customer needs are variable it can feel like a challenge too far for many business leaders but a problem shared is often a problem halved and Ear for Business can help you navigate a positive way forward to find solutions with our experience of overcoming previous recessions and disaster recovery.

‘Business leaders should aim to ride the wave of uncertainty, flexing to meet customer needs with resilience to go with the flow and learn to surf.’

Gary Walters, Chair and Co-founder of Ear For Business

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