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Kent Business School

“Ear for Business embodies the Universities Civic Mission to work as a community to embrace positive change with a willingness to do and see things differently.  These Kent MBA students are well placed to support the Business community, with their wealth of experience, motivation and commitment to responsible management.  I am really impressed with the work they are doing and encourage everyone to get involved.”

GenSpec Ltd

“Ear for Business is a unique project at its core creating awareness for the different kinds of support available to businesses. We at GenSpec are proud to be able to help them in delivering their mission and look forward to our future involvement in the project which aims not only to support the business community but also to drive business student engagement with them.”


‘MBA students from Kent Business School have developed a social enterprise designed to provide a support and signposting service to small and start-up businesses affected by Covid-19; known as Ear for Business.’

Business leaders should aim to ride the wave of uncertainty, flexing to meet customer needs with resilience to go with the flow and learn to surf.

Gary Walters
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