Ready to lend you an ear

Our volunteers are current and former MBA students from all parts of the globe, all walks of life and all sectors & sizes of business.

Amongst us we have decades of experience in the widest range of fields including healthcare, hospitality, finance, management, technology & manufacturing amongst many others. This experience includes starting and growing businesses, big & small, as well as running charities and other social enterprises. Our volunteers know that starting and running a business requires resilience at the best of times, it can also be lonely position which brings into ever sharper focus the additional stress and pressure caused by COVID-19, bringing as it does the turmoil of uncertainties on top of uncertainties.

Support is here & available.

If nothing else, our volunteers will listen to you and act as a confidential sounding board. Talking about problems is often a great step in the direction of finding solutions.

Our volunteers are committed to help people in business get through COVID-19 in the most positive way possible.

We are all in it together!

Please get in touch with us at if you would like to sign up to help!

Donate: Help us help the business community!

This is a free service to support the small & micro business community, please get in touch with us at to learn more about how you can help our cause, be it with your time or through funding.